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We promote independent craft beer by showcasing the unity of craft beer and the individuality of your brewery.

By joining Common Cask, your brewery’s labels will be professionally displayed in the state where your brewery is located. Your labels will sit alongside the labels of other breweries that have the same commitment to independence and craft as you do. These prints will be displayed in bars, restaurants and homes across your state and the rest of the country, showcasing the Individuality and unity of authentic craft brewing.


In addition to promoting your brewery through our prints we will also display your brewery on our  Breweries page.  This page will display a description of your brewery, logo and a link to your website.  

Beer Label Line Break

Requirements to Join

Common Cask designs have one unifying principle, all labels in the design must be from independent craft breweries.  We use the Brewers Association’s definition of craft as our standard for brewery acceptance.


Annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less (approximately 3 percent of U.S. annual sales). Beer production is attributed to a brewer according to the rules of alternating proprietorships.


Less than 25 percent of the craft brewery is owned or controlled (or equivalent economic interest) by a beverage alcohol industry member which is not itself a craft brewer.


A brewer which has a majority of its total beverage alcohol volume in beers whose flavors derive from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients and their fermentation.  Flavored Malt Beverages (FMSs) are not considered beers.

How to Join

Contact us at to get started.  At a minimum we will need you to send us your brewery’s beer label artwork, but we would appreciate all three items below.

Label Artwork  |  Brewery Description  |  Logo

Label Specifications


You can send any number of labels but we prefer to receive three to five labels.


Digital labels are preferred but physical labels can also be used. If you have cans then the labels must be sent in digital format.


We prefer labels that are not predominantly black or white. We can still use these types of labels but they are more difficult to incorporate into the design.  Typically the more color the better.


For Digital Labels the label should be at least 300 DPI sent with dimensions that are true to print. For example if your printed label is 5” by 5” when printed, the digital copy should be the same or similar size.  Artwork may be sent in .PNG, .PDF, .JPG or .AI.

Design Layout

We prefer labels that only showcase your brewery name, beer name and main artwork. We will never display legal text or bar codes in our designs.  If you have a graphics team please have them remove this information and possibly some marketing text.  If you do not have a graphics team we are happy to assist and will always get your approval for the modified label.  If the label does not have a clear cut case as seen below, please contact us so we can discuss the best way to remove some of the text/graphics.

Before Modification

Anderson Valley beer label

After Modification

Anderson Valley beer label

Label Shape

We require labels to be rectangles or squares, this ensures there is no label overlap and other labels are not covered. In some cases we allow overlap if it is small and part of the main artwork.  If your label is not square or rectangle we can help modify the label to fit our standard sizing.

Preferred Shape We prefer labels to be provided that are rectangles or squares.  

Accepted Overlap As long as the overlap is minimal we will likely accept it.  It is better to have overlap on the left or right sides of the label.

Preferred Label Shape

Barrelhouse Brewing beer label

Accepted Label Overlap

Accepted Label Overlap Common Cask

Brewery/Common Cask Terms

Brewery Acceptance

Meeting the Brewers Association definition of craft will not automatically get your labels on the collage, Common Cask will need to review your labels first in order to accept your brewery.

Label Usage

You are guaranteed at least one label in our designs, if more are used it will be at the discretion of Common Cask.  Your labels will be used in the design for your state and may also be used in the upcoming United States design.

Label Removal

If you wish to have your label removed from our designs please send an email to from your brewery email. We will remove your labels from our designs and brewery info from our website within 30 days of receiving your request.  Common Cask may remove your label(s) from any design at any time, we will notify you by email if we remove your label(s).

Preferred Positioning

You are not guaranteed preferred or requested label positioning, but we will always try our best to accommodate your requests.

Labels on State Edges

Because no state is a perfect square we will often have instances where only a portion of the label will be seen. There are two cases where this will happen.

Filler Label The label is used as a filler near the state outline and only a small portion of the label may be visible. This will only occur for breweries that have multiple labels in the collage and have at least one other label that is completely visible.  

Preferred Position Label The label is positioned at a preferred location (Typically along the coast or near the breweries physical location) and a small portion of the label is cut off and not visible.  We will never cut off main sections of artwork, your breweries name or the beers name.

Filler Label

Filler Label Common Cask

Prefered Position Label

Preferred Position Label Common Cask

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